30 Jul

What irks you?

Everyone has a pet peeve. I have several and I just came across one that is a complete turn off whenever I see it. I received a newsletter detailing the writer’s evening out with friends. His words- “I’ve been to lots of movie night’s but this was the best in 2 year’s“. Emphasis on night’s and year’s. “Night” does not own anything in the sentence, and neither does “year”. The abuse of the apostrophe is my pet peeve. I don’t know why. I did not major in English. I don’t think I’m an above average user of the language but I get distracted when I see an apostrophe ill placed. Funny enough I’m not alone. There is even an apostrophe protection society, no I’m not a member, I have a much more interesting life than being an activist for a punctuation mark.
Other irritations known to me are:

  • The smell of fish
  • Fish bones in my food
  • Rice without fried plantains- not a peeve just an incomplete meal, IMO
  • Standing next to a man or woman on a crowded train with dandruff flakes on their coat or garlic breath or both
  • Sore throat
  • People who try to make me (or anyone) feel inferior

There is more but I won’t be the superintendent of boredom of your day. Thanks for reading, do come back 🙂

4 thoughts on “What irks you?

  1. Mine vary, but if you really want to bug the hell out of me, moving my stuff around without my permision will probably do it.

  2. Toks, you are my sister from another mother. When I see a misplaced apostrophe, I want to scream but I know I stand the risk of being committed for insanity or schizophrenia so I refrain from doing so.

    It irks me no end but it is all too common even from people who you expect to know better like journalists! Hmm, the mind boggles!

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