14 Nov

We’ve Been Nominated!

In what can only be described as a bizarre turn of events, Pawpaw & Mango (yes, the one you’re reading) has been nominated for a blog award.

So the first thing I did when I got the email was to go to their website to fish out the mago-mago, (fraud).  They have some  household names which gives it a bit of clout, and nothing untoward turned up.

I went to plan B which as you know was to google UK Blog Awards Scam. I was surprised when no ‘beware scam’ results came up, it appeared legit.

Plan C was to go through a list of my ‘haters’, those who pulled this together just to gain access into my family history and pull out any skeletons under our floorboards. My list is empty- apart from Chief who doesn’t have the intelligence or digital acumen to pull this off. Chief is angry because I refused to change my name to Silifa. Another post, another day.

You will understand my cynicism. This past summer found my friend Aji and I attending a couple of scam-type events. These are the ones that charge you an arm and a leg, promise heaven on earth and end up delivering hell. The last one was particularly bad. It was a sham of an affair held on a boat. There are no words to describe just how dire it was. All I’ll say is beware of boat or cruise type dos, because once you’re on and the boat leaves the dock, you don enter be dat! (You are done for).

I have to say a big thank you to the person that nominated my blog, I hope I get to find out who you are. I am however a tad bit worried that you saw it fit to enter it into the ‘Lifestyle’ category. Anyone who uses this platform as a template for their life is doomed. To each his own sha.

So it is with pent-up excitement and hope that I write this post. Please vote for Pawpaw and Mango by clicking this link, it’s the first time she’s been asked out 🙂

Thank you!

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