06 Sep

Note to Self…

  • Arrive home from hairdresser.
  • Grab camera and promptly take shots of newly styled hair from various angles, print and place on mirror.
  • Du rags, scarves or nets do not work, don’t bother.
  • Attempt to re-style hair in the morning, using pictures as a guideline.
  • If all fails, remember only 8 short hours ago, you looked like that!

8 thoughts on “Note to Self…

  1. Next time you have a sore throat, try Manuka Honey. It’s a special type of honey that’s made by bees in New Zealand. It should be tastier, healthier, and more effective than propofol.


    …for fake Manuka Honey.

    Buy only Manuka Honey with the UMF label.

    U can try Comvita (www.comvita.co.uk) or Summer Glow Apiaries (www.manukahoney.co.nz) .

  3. For anything throaty, simply gargle with warm salt water first. You can then take a warm honey, lemon, ginger, garlic or milk or whatever hot soothing drink catches your fancy.

    I’d suggest you only do the garlic if you’re going to be spending time alone 🙂

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