24 Dec

Have you lost your mind?

Charity helplines receive a surge of calls during this period as people are reminded how far away their lives are from their childhood dreams. There are unhappy people around us this festive season. Some have put away their sadness and are tapping into the joy that surrounds them. Some are putting on a facade of excitement and happiness.  Some are unhappy just because they don’t know any other emotion. Life hasn’t been kind to them. There’s no real reason to celebrate. They’re broke and couldn’t afford presents. They are alone and have no one around them.

I want to suggest a few things to be thankful for.

You are alive.

You have at leat some body parts that function. Most people have the majority of their bodies working quite well.

You are in your right mind (at least most of the time!)

Being in your right mind means you can make a sensible decision.

The whole idea of Christmas is not so much to be happy for the season, eat turkey and get drunk only to return to misery. It is actually quite bitter-sweet in that a baby was born to be sacrificed, just so you will have a life of pure joy. While Jesus died to save us from going to hell, he also died so we could live a hell-free life on earth. You are not actually meant to be miserable, whereby you are simply waiting for it all to end so you can “rest in the bosom of our Lord”. Your life on earth is to be filled with joy, victory and peace. Jesus said; “In this world you will experience difficulties, but take heart I have overcome the world” John 16:33, the message bible. If you are having difficulties then you have proof that the words of Christ are true. He knew there would be an increase in knowledge and advancements in technology which could ‘potentially make life easier’ but he still said you will experience many difficulties. He knew. He knew you’ll be where you are right now. He also said he came that we may have life abundantly.

If you just read this, then you are in your right mind. Make a sensible decision and choose Christ today.

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