17 Jul

Bread & Cheese

Totally random and unrelated, but that was my lunch yesterday. Bread and cheese is the most basic I do for a meal. It is usually done in anticipation of the real deal- Rice, Chicken Stew and Fried plantains. Now that, I do not play with. I am capable of having that trio 3 times a day. Or more if necessary.  Just thought you should know.

2 thoughts on “Bread & Cheese

  1. Your bread and cheese is my bread and grape jelly which Leke and I had twice yesterday. I can eat that all day as well. What kind of cheese do you prefer? What kind of bread? The world needs more specifics? We eagerly anticipates!: )

    • I’m so simple, medium cheddar on plain white bread is all I ask for. But if you’re offering, cream cheese and pickle with freshly baked bread. And if we’re simply refering to the word “cheese”, please give me a large New York Cheesecake. Shut the door and leave me the heck alone! I’ll love you forever 🙂

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