14 Jul

The Joy of Living…

Today has been both exciting and overwhelming. Exciting because I had my first one on one business coaching class last week and I feel like I’m finally moving forward- without the blindfold. Overwhelmed because I realize I have so much to do to achieve my goals. Not a good day to have had a can of Red Bull either as now I have all this energy and can’t calm down long enough to complete one task. To help you get a better picture, my hair is pretty much standing on end, I didn’t smooth it down after the wind dealt with it when I did the school run and I just cleaned my glasses with window cleaner.

I have three totally unrelated thoughts simultaneously running through my mind as I type this.

My In/Out tray resembles an “I-quit-and-I’m-leaving-this-blasted-company”, box.

I just ordered Child #3 to school. Its nearly 9pm- I should have said bed.

But I’m alive and filled with the joy of the Lord so I’ll just rejoice!

5 thoughts on “The Joy of Living…

  1. Firstly, Some advice on the Redbull/energy thing …

    Secondly, about the 3nr unrelated thoughts running through your mind, we guys deal with such thoughts on a daily basis. The same way they come is the same way you deal with them totally “Unrelated”

    Thirdly, so far i’m loving your blog, keep it coming sister. You use words constructively, i hope you can make any sense of that last comment of mine.

    At the moment i have no other way of illustrating my thoughts, perhaps after a redbull i might just about express my thoughts with a similar exhibition of lexicon like you.

    Ciao ciao

  2. Red bull is cocaine in a well designed can! Put the can down, my sister…put the can down! LOL!

    Reading this particular blog was like reading a quirk poem. Love the random thoughts! That is how much brain thinks and processes info on any given day.

    : )

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